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Hotels In The Cleveland Area Near I-90 And East 22nd St

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Hotels In The Cleveland Area Near I-90 And East 22nd St

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    Center point of the search

  • Hotel Marker
    Denotes hotel location

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    Matches your chosen brand

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FreewayHotels.com Amenity Guide

The Amenity Guide is useful for helping understand what each icon means, and the range of service that may be expected when searching for hotels with that amenity offering.

Most hotels provide a description of their property, and of the basic amenities provided. Simply select the 'SEE MORE' tab under each hotel listing to learn more about the offered amenities.

Internet Access

This represents a connection to the World Wide Web. It means only that a hotel has stated they offer internet service, be that wifi or another network connection type. Hotels offering an internet connection may charge for their service.

Pets Okay/Pets Allowed

This means pets are permitted. However, this only signifies that a hotel permits some types of pets. Size restrictions may also apply. Some hotels permitting pets may require a deposit, which may not be refundable.


This represents a hotel offering accessibility for those with special needs or mobility issues. Most hotels will offer this service, under requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Even so, accessibility options may be available in only a portion of the hotel.

Free Breakfast

This means that a hotel has stated they offer some type of free breakfast, whether that be a smaller, continental breakfast or a full-service breakfast bar. Most will state, in their description, the extent of the complimentary breakfast offered.

Fitness Center

This icon represents some type of fitness center or workout room that a hotel makes available to guests. It does not reveal the scope or scale of a fitness center, or the type of equipment offered, only that a fitness center is available.

Non-Smoking Rooms

This icon means the hotel makes non-smoking rooms available to guests. Most hotels today offer at least some non-smoking rooms for guests, and many properties are completely smoke-free.

On-Site Parking

This icon means the hotel makes parking available to guests. Often, for properties near major interstate highways, trucker parking is also available. This icon only means parking is available; it does not indicate whether parking charges may apply.

Airport Shuttle

This means the hotel has said it provides an airport shuttle for guests, often both from and to the airport. However, some shuttle services may be one-way only or include a service charge.

Business Center

This icon means the hotel has some type of business center available for guests. Often, a business center will include an internet-connected computer and a printer; some will include copy and fax services or shipping options.

Pool Or Pool Area

This icon means the hotel has a pool on the property for public use. Some hotels may offer year-round pools, and other may include a pool area for children.

Laundry Service Or Laundry Facility

This represents a laundry facility or, at the very least, some type of laundry service offered by the hotel. A property description will often outline whether a hotel offers a facility for travelers to clean their own laundry, particularly truckers.

Bar Or Cocktail Lounge

This icon means the hotel has either a restaurant with a bar or a full-service cocktail lounge, which may be separate from a dining room. Hotels offering only in-room bar service will not feature this icon.

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